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Fortune Soldiers

In the heart of many cities stands an army of concrete and glass soldiers. Tall and firm, they stare back with the blank look of those who follow orders. At their feet, brick-and-mortar neighborhoods form a brown ocean from which the taut mercenaries emerge like urban islands, sudden appearances in the massive sprawl. At night, they shine with multiple colours, bejewelled lighthouses for weary travellers. The streets then seem literally paved with gold, like that imaginary place the Spanish conquistadors crossed entire deserts and jungles in heavy armours to find. Filmed from air, water and land, this brightness depicts city life so tangibly that one could drink it with the eyes, gulp after gulp of the glowing liquid. Very rarely, one or two of these giants comes down, fallen trunks of a raging battle. The rest stay at their posts, unshaken forest after the storm.


            • Black Leather Jacket
            • Ground Zero
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            • Fluctual Nec Mergitur
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            • The Comet
            • My cousin from Hollywood
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            • Fire Island

            • The Blue Hour
            • Fortune Soldiers
            • Extreme Liking
            • Fossil Energy
            • The Crowning
            • White Nights