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            • Black Leather Jacket
            • Ground Zero
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            • It's a Nice Day to Go to Heaven
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            • Fluctual Nec Mergitur
            • The Seaport
            • The Comet
            • My cousin from Hollywood
            • Cabbage Flower
            • Fire Island

            • The Blue Hour
            • Fortune Soldiers
            • Extreme Liking
            • Fossil Energy
            • The Crowning
            • White Nights

Black Leather Jacket

He bought it for five bucks on Second Avenue. It was when 2am was the best hour for shopping : you’d roam the sidewalk slowly, eyes peeled for that special item carefully laid on a sheet, deal struck fast before the cops turned the corner. Anyhow, he left the jacket at a junkie’s who loaned it to me on a cold night. A poet friend then came by on her way to Paris. She had nothing hip to wear for her reading and so off went the jacket. Immediately after she came back someone else took it to chilly Minnesota--I’d never seen a garment with such a knack for travel. I tried explaining this when he angrily demanded the return of something he’d owned all of ten minutes. I said you better come get it soon or else the jacket will leave again. But he took too long and of course the jacket parted, this time on the shoulders of a Wall Street investor who married my best friend.