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It’s a Nice Day to Go to Heaven

I had been waiting for a month when he showed up. I will not look for him because he’ll come to me, I had told myself, and for once, I was right. We belonged to one another from the first moment, as he installed himself between my girlfriend and I while we read the newspaper on the bed. He moved into my heart gently and swiftly, becoming a part of it, and for ten years remained at my side, purring for hours in my arms or on my lap, lying on the heater until I feared he would bake, greeting friends and strangers alike. Nothing fazed him: not the presence of three other cats, not my ocassional bursts of frustration, not even his own earthly discomforts. When he died unexpectedly, space kept on shifting and time became elastic, colors were so bright they almost hurt my eyes. Tremulous, I went for a walk and looked up at the open afternoon sky. It’s a nice day to go to heaven, I thought, following his ascent with a broken smile.



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