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Ground Zero

Fall was always my favorite season in New York, the crisp autumn weather rushing me afoot for blocks on end, just breathing the energy in. Often, I would stroll down the avenues at night, half-knowingly headed towards the World Trade Center, a glaring firmament that stood like an outer space beacon, giving my steps afinal destination. The muffled traffic noise, faint car fumes and brightly-lit buildings all spelled the language of my freedom, the possibility of becoming one with the night, the city, the cold starry sky into which those interminable towers disappeared. Many times I drowned my loneliness in that urban balm, trodding the downtown asphalt as others climb mountains or settle into meditative heaven. Never at home away from the bustle of city life, I discovered bliss in those intense Manhattan walks. Now, after watching the towers implode like gigantic wedding cakes, the umbilical cord that nurtured me for so many years came to an end.